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APC Back-UPS 1400VA 4x Schuko

APC Back-UPS 1400VA 4x Schuko

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The APC Back-UPS 1400VA protects sensitive equipment from power outages and voltage spikes. The UPS provides temporary power during a power outage and absorbs high voltage spikes. This prevents data loss or damage to equipment. The Back-UPS has 4 Schuko c Read more..

Product description

Features APC Back-UPS 1400VA

Standalone UPS with 4 Schuko sockets (CEE 7/7P)
Supplies temporary power in case of power failure
Is delivered including battery
Prevents data loss and hardware failure
Bridging time 2,4 min at 700 Watt, 54,8 min at 100 Watt
Nominal power 700 Watt/1400 VA
Input and output voltage 230 Volt
Low battery warning signal
LED indicators show device status

Protects equipment and data
The APC Back-UPS 1400VA protects sensitive hardware and data in case of power supply problems. The device is equipped with 4 Schuko sockets to which you can connect for example your computer, monitor, router and modem. When power fails, the UPS temporarily provides power through the built-in battery. Even when there are voltage fluctuations, peak loads and lightning strikes, your devices and data are protected. The APC Back-UPS is capable of handling such disruptions in the power grid.

PowerChute software
The PowerChute management software can be used to set the UPS to instruct the connected equipment to switch off. You can specify the time this should take and the order in which the devices should shut down. As soon as power is restored, the equipment is automatically restarted. The possibilities of the PowerChute software differ per model, please contact us for more information.

Battery Life
How long the APC Back-UPS 1400VA can provide power depends greatly on the number of devices connected and the power load. The more devices connected, the shorter the bridging time. For example, the operating time is 2.4 minutes at a maximum load of 700 watts, while it is 54.8 minutes at a load of 100 watts. When the battery is low, a warning signal sounds.

Battery self-test
The APC Back-UPS 1400VA regularly performs a battery self-test to check the status of the battery. If the battery needs to be replaced you will be informed immediately. The UPS also provides an early error analysis of the battery so you can replace it in time. So you are assured that the UPS will do what it is supposed to do when you need it.

LED and audio signals
On the APC Back-UPS, there are LED indicators that provide information about the status of the device. This allows you to quickly see if the device is active and if the battery needs to be replaced. In addition, the APC Back-UPS 1400VA sounds audio signals when the power consumption changes suddenly or when there are problems with the battery.



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APC Back-UPS 1400VA 4x Schuko

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Review APC Back-UPS 1400VA 4x Schuko

The APC Back-UPS 1400VA protects sensitive equipment from power outages and voltage spikes. The UPS ..

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